Mini Laugenecken, at home.

Imagine the love child of a croissant and a pretzel. The result? Laugenecken! Triangular in shape, Laugenecken are wonderfully delicate and buttery, offering layer upon layer of the softest and puffiest of pastries. A traditional lye dip catalyses the Maillard reaction, which causes the browning of the dough, and creates that deep brown crust and distinctive flavour you get with pretzels. Immensely popular in the German Out-of-Home and Convenience market, Laugenecken are wonderful for breakfast, lunch or as a snack in between. Eat them plain or enjoy with any topping you like. It’s different, but more than anything else… it’s incredibly tasty.

From the supermarket to the consumer’s kitchen
As Europe’s leading Laugenecken bakery, we are on a mission to turn all Europeans into Laugenecken fans. With our new Mini Laugenecken retail packaging for example – 8 pieces packed for the frozen food section in a practical polyester bag. Easy to bake in any oven, easy to enjoy. Interested? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the options we offer in terms of product, packaging and branding.